About SV Genetics

SV Genetics was founded in 2010 by 2 Australian Companies – SeedVision Pty. Ltd and Avosun Pty. Ltd.

From it’s Australian base, SV Genetics quickly made available its product offering of hybrid sorghum and sunflower to over 60 co-operators in 20 countries.

  Licenses were issued to local seed companies, and SV Genetics hybrids are now sold commercially in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, China, Pakistan, South Africa and the Ukraine.

In 2016,  SV Genetics was acquired by US based S & W Seed Company.  This NASDAQ listed Company (SANW) is one of the world’s largest alfalfa (lucerne) seed companies, and saw SV Genetics as an opportunity to enhance its product offering.  S & W is now expanding the activities of SV Genetics around the world.

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