Licencing Opportunities

The SV Genetics program will be a unique program as it offers an opportunity for local seed production, or flexible alternative production options, by Partner Companies. A summary of the proposed program structure is as follows. Key elements of the program are:

• Local testing of material by Partner Companies at their expense.

• Following local testing, specific hybrids may be selected by Partner Companies, and these will be licensed to Partner Companies on an exclusive basis for a specific territory. A licensing fee will apply

• SV Genetics will sell high quality foundation seed to Partner Companies to allow local seed production

• SV Genetics will collect a royalty on all seed produced by it's local Partner Companies

• SV Genetics will also strive to provide a flexible contracted hybrid seed production service in any specified region, for regions or partners without seed production capabilities, or needing additional production capability

• SV Genetics will provide it's Partner Companies with an ongoing portfolio of sunflower products for regional testing and commercialization. Please contact us for more information

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