Product Development

Sunflower Breeding Program 
SV Genetics provides a unique service to the global sunflower seed industry by developing, acquiring and combining superior sunflower genetics from leading breeding sources throughout the world.

SV Genetics has developed and used some of the world's best available sunflower germplasm, and developed a portfolio of hybrids of conventional oil types, high oleic oil types, Nusun products and IMMI herbicide tolerant hybrids.

    • The first hybrids (conventional oil types) were released in March 2006.

    • High oleic and immi resistant hybrids became available in September 2008.

    • Confectionary (edible) products are available for testing in 2012.

    • Hybrids currently marketed around the world, and being produced and sold in China, India, South Africa, Thailand, Pakistan and Brazil.

    Please contact us for more information.

Sorghum Breeding Program

SV Genetics sorghum breeding program has accessed and selected some of the world's leading germplasm to develop a portfolio of products for its Partner companies. The SV Genetics program has now developed a comprehensive range of forage and grain sorghum hybrids.

• Current forage products being evaluated by our partner licensee's include conventional sorghum x sudan types in both traditional and photoperiod sensitive
(late flowering) hybrids.

• Sweet sorghum hybrids for both the standover grazing and bio-fuel applications.

• BMR (brown mid rib and traditionally less lignin) products are now available for testing and offer significant benefits in digestibility and grazing productivity.

• High biomass types and also now available that are specifically developed for silage and bio-fuel applications. These types have the potential to produce up to 50t/ha wet forage under irrigation with up to 10 t/ha grain included.

• Conventional grain types are also available for testing – red and white grain types are now ready for testing in a range of maturities.

• High tannin grain sorghums will be available in late 2012 for testing.

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